How Europe lost Turkey

Harun Reşit Aydin
7 min readJun 22, 2020

Relations between Turkey and the EU, i.e. the West in general, have deteriorated considerably in the last 10 years. And it was written and commented on very often in the western press, thousands of TV debates were made about how Turkey is moving away from the West, has become less democratic and no longer fits the values of the European Union (whatever those values are and how seriously they were actually taken or how seriously the Europeans actually thought about the well-being of the Turkish people when they had the opportunity to improve their lives). Therefore I will press a a bit on the wounds of this big European lie and let it hurt, tell the truth like a German directly into their face, because if it does not suit them, they are no longer so direct and like to believe pink lies.

To make it easy for every layperson, I will explain it in a storyline of a primary school level, because maybe then even the last illiterate can understand it:

I’m a student with the name of “Turkey” in a class who aims to graduate from the school called as “European Union” and getting their member diploma.

Since the 1963, I was waiting on the door to join this school and finally after 36 years waiting on the front of the door, in 1999, they have agreed that I can join the class. It was an interesting incident, because to that time I was neither democratic, nor stable and were about to going bankrupt..


But they thought I can’t graduate from the school anyway, so they thought it’s the right time start this fairytale and later put the blame on me. On the top of that in 2002, a conservative government came into office when Europe had this in mind:

“great, now they’ll fight each other and the membership never gonna happen..”

But against all odds, this government was the most pro-EU government ever and was doing the reforms so fast that even the old European Union members could not digest it.

Then in the year of 2004, the negotiations for the 35 chapters to get an EU membership have started. But with a condition that never ever another country has faced before:

Harun Reşit Aydin

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