Coronavirus success story of Turkey

Harun Reşit Aydin
5 min readJun 10, 2020

For months the world has been fighting a small virus that had a huge impact around the world. Millions of graphics have been created and not only the fight against this disease has been going on for months, but it is also very often discussed which country was the most successful or which ended in a disaster.

And one of those countries that has often been positive in the light of the news is Turkey, which in a very short time has brought this disease from one of the fastest growing rates to an 82% recovery rate and last week the country and the economy has opened again.

Before we start to explain further about the success, it would help us to look first at the latest internal graphic of the Turkish health ministry:

Total tests: 2,415,179 (29,451 per million citizens)

Total cases: 172,114 ( 7% out of total tests)

Total deaths: 4,729 (2,7% out of total confirmed cases)

Total ICU’s in use: 642 (0,03 % out of total confirmed cases)

Total ventilators in use: 281 (0,016% out of total confirmed cases)



Harun Reşit Aydin

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