Can India become a Superpower?

Harun Reşit Aydin
7 min readJun 14, 2020

If you have followed the Indian media or Indians at social media, then I am sure that you have very often encountered this claim about that India is a superpower or will become soon a power on world stage.

I would welcome such a prosperous India, but that’s not possible.

Neither today, nor in the coming 50 years.

No country can become just because of number of population or being an arm imports champion or building some fancy roads a superpower.

There are very important key factors to reach this kind of diplomatic leverage.


List of countries by number of diplomatic missions — Wikipedia

You see in the list the diplomatic missions of the countries around the globe and if you look at it closely, that countries in the TOP 10, especially when you reach USA or China have almost 1,5 times more missions around the whole world. And they are not only with missions over there to issue visas, but are actively working on ground and have also hundreds of NGO’s working for them. India is in the half of the world almost not known, let alone any economical or diplomatic force, influence available. Most of the time India lacks the crucial understanding of different areas of the world and their societies because it was a closed country for so long and is still very much self-centered governed which is far away from the realities and geo-political struggles and fights of this world. It has also not a direct legacy and experience from its past what continues through an empire.

Here I have to mention that China most of the time also lacks this understanding and that’s why it will be not possible for them ever become the same what USA is today. China tries to either spend enormous amount of money and investments around the world to get an influence or it goes behind Russia to understand the region. So it can show a power of diplomacy through trade, but this is is also not possible for India because his resources are limited.




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